Construction Office

Our team of engineers is ready to meet even the most unusual of engineering challenges. With their efforts, ideas and concepts are turned into complete projects that are ready to implement. We use high-end CAD / CAM packages combined with many years of experience to change ideas into comprehensive technical solutions.

Technology Office

Technical analysis of received designs is made to enable key decisions to be taken. Raw materials and the optimal technology are selected to complete the task whilst maintaining the required quality and price. We are looking for the best solutions - regardless of whether it is a one piece or series production.


Over many years our company has completed various orders - from technically simple details up to complex assemblies. We produce parts, components and structural equipment assemblies to the requirements of our industry customers.

Catalogue of standard components

We also mass produce products which have recognition for many years. With the gathered opinions and experiences, we offer proven and well thought-out solutions that are available "off the shelf".


Globe-tech is a staff of experienced engineers and skilled production team. Using the latest CNC technology we produce machinery parts, spare parts and components for the food, pharmaceutical, heavy industry, chemical, wood, automotive and printing industries. In over ten years of development the company has specialized in machining ordinary, special purpose and acid resistant steel, aluminium and titanium. We carry out routine tasks as well as unusual orders for customers in Europe and around the world. All work is done using the latest manufacturing techniques with great attention to detail.

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